At Johns Hopkins, our data science and AI academic programs are built upon our core values of diversity, equality, inclusion, community, and civic duty. We are committed to offering every student an education that upholds these principles.  

Our Data Science and AI Institute academic programs encompass a wide range of options, including undergraduate programs, specialized graduate certificates, comprehensive master’s programs, and more. These initiatives unite related academic offerings across the entire university. 

Guided by social responsibility 

The Data Science and AI Institute emphasizes social responsibility, acknowledging the profound implications and responsibilities tied to data science and AI’s rapid advancement. Engaging with Data Science and AI Institute programs not only imparts technical expertise but also nurtures an awareness of data science and AI’s broader societal impact. 

Integrating data science and AI into education 

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate data science and AI concepts into the fabric of a Johns Hopkins education. We aim to provide each student and trainee, regardless of academic level, with a foundational understanding of data science and AI that aligns with their individual interests.

Johns Hopkins has a course search engine that includes many courses in artificial intelligence, data science, statistics, data analysis, databases, and machine learning.

Explore our Data Science and AI Institute academic programs and become a leader in data science and AI.