Our core mission is to seamlessly weave the concepts, ideas, and methods of data science and AI into the very fabric of a Johns Hopkins education. We’re committed to making data science and AI accessible to every student and trainee across all levels, ensuring they’re well-versed in this transformative field.

But the Data Science and AI Institute is more than just data science and AI; it’s a comprehensive approach. It’s not only about mastering data science and AI techniques, but also about understanding domain-specific impact, their versatile applications, their ethical dimensions, and their influence on society. We believe data science and AI education will play a pivotal role in the entire pedagogical landscape at Johns Hopkins and look forward to how we can work across the institution to promote ethically guided opportunities for all learners.

The future of data science and AI leadership

In a Data Science and AI Institute program, our students become responsible data science and AI pioneers. They not only gain the skills to develop data science and AI ethically and in line with societal values, but also acquire an understanding of the humanistic and social dimensions intertwined with data science and AI’s influence. This holistic approach ensures that Data Science and AI Institute students are mindful of the people they impact and the implications of their work.

At Johns Hopkins, our commitment to diversity, equality, inclusion, community, and civic duty remains unwavering. New and existing data science and AI training programs upholds these values, offering equitable access across undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels.

Join us in redefining education with the Data Science and AI Institute – where innovation meets responsibility, and knowledge knows no bounds.