At Johns Hopkins University, collaboration knows no boundaries. Our institution thrives on an interdisciplinary culture that nurtures partnerships across diverse university divisions. Our data science and AI community exemplifies this spirit by embarking on pioneering research in the core realms of data science and AI, driving advancements in data science and AI applications set to transform society.

As one of the largest academic centers dedicated to data science and AI, our research spans the breadth of the field. We seek to push forward the state of the art in terms of theory, algorithms, models, and applications with an eye towards solving the most important challenges of our day. The Data Science and AI Institute drives research and scholarship in the mathematical, computational, and ethical foundations of data science and AI, building on existing strengths in AI, machine learning, data science and applied ethics, while branching out into underrepresented areas. Our work spans numerous core areas of machine learning, and we work on applications within robotics, speech and language, bioinformatics, vision, health and medicine, neuroscience, network science, and many others.