The Johns Hopkins AI-X Foundry is a university-based organization with an ambitious global vision: the intentional collaboration of human and artificial intelligence (AI), with AI learning from humans and humans learning from AI, bringing their complementary strengths together towards the goal of understanding and improving the human condition.

The AI-X Foundry provides a physical and intellectual home for world-class scholars from all disciplines and backgrounds working in artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications. Building on a strong ethical foundation for AI, the AI-X Foundry leverages the deep expertise of its researchers and collaborations with external partners to accomplish its goals. AI-X Foundry activities focus on the foundations of AI and the application domains of Health & Medicine, Safety & Assurance, and Discovery & Inquiry.

The principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational to all AI-X Foundry activities.

The AI-X Foundry will:

  • Advance the well-being of all humanity through the integration of AI into the science and practice of healthcare and medicine, making it possible for every health provider – regardless of location – to deploy state-of-the-art medical expertise from Johns Hopkins and its partners;
  • Provide the world with trustworthy and safe AI systems that are grounded in both ethics and engineering, making it possible for humans to work collaboratively with AI systems to improve the human condition; and
  • Accelerate the pace of discovery and creativity in all aspects of human intellectual endeavor, making it possible for us to understand the core of what it means to be human.

Since 1876, Johns Hopkins has brought the benefits of discovery to the world. Through the AI-X Foundry, Johns Hopkins will bring together the world’s brightest minds to create, implement, deploy, and assess foundational AI and AI-driven methods and tools in critical domains for the betterment of humans everywhere.


The Johns Hopkins AI-X Foundry will drive research and translation in the foundations of artificial intelligence and in the application domains of Health & Medicine, Safety & Assurance, and Discovery & Inquiry, bringing humans and artificial intelligence together in an intentional collaboration towards the shared goal of understanding and improving the human condition.


The Johns Hopkins AI-X Foundry advances the intentional collaboration of humans and artificial intelligence, combining the strengths of each and building on trustworthy datasets to understand and improve the human condition.



Johns Hopkins University recently announced a major new investment in data science and the exploration of artificial intelligence, at the heart of which is a new data science and translation institute. The institute is dedicated to the application, understanding, collection, and risks of data and the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence systems across a range of critical and emerging fields, from neuroscience and precision medicine to climate resilience and sustainability, public sector innovation, and the social sciences and humanities. Created to explore the vast potential of human collaboration with artificial intelligence to transform medicine, public health, engineering, patient care, and other disciplines, the AI-X Foundry is one of many critical areas across Johns Hopkins that will contribute to the success of the new institute.